Society Rules and Bylaws

Constitution of the Goal Post Golf Society


1.      The name of the society shall be Goal Post Golf Society (“the Society”).


2.      The Society shall organize for its member’s golf tournaments and other events.


3.      Articles of the Constitution shall only be altered, amended, or added to at an AGM (Annual General Meeting), SGM (Special General Meeting), or at the discretion of the current Committee of the Society.

4.      To be carried, any motion proposing constitutional amendment shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.

5.      Constitutional Amendments may be submitted in writing, with the name of the Proposer and the Seconded to the Secretary of The Society and forwarded to the Committee members 2 weeks prior to the AGM or SGM.


6.      A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Society.

7.      An auditor or auditors may be appointed by the committee to audit the account prior to the AGM or whenever the committee deems it necessary and in the best interest of the Society.

8.      The account(s) of the Society shall be made available upon request to the Treasurer. 


9.      The Officers and Committee of the Society shall be elected at the AGM.

10.   Elections shall be conducted in accord with the provisions of schedule one.

Annual General Meeting:

11.   A General Meeting of the Society shall be organized and held once every year at the completion of the season.

12.   The AGM shall take place within three (3) weeks of the last outing of the season.

13.   The meeting shall either precede or proceed a shotgun start golf outing.  Participation in the golf outing is optional.  Total cost of the AGM outing (golf, meeting, food, and drink) shall be subsidized by an amount determined by the Committee based on the state of the Society’s finances.

14.   33% of the membership must be present for an AGM to be called to order.

15.   Each member shall be given 3 weeks’ notice of this AGM to make arrangement to attend.

16.   At the AGM, the Secretary shall present a report on the previous year’s activities.

17.   At the AGM, the Treasurer shall present a financial report on the year’s activities.

18.   In the absence of the Secretary and/or the Treasurer, the President shall take on the above duties.



Special General Meeting:

19.   An SGM shall be convened if 10% of the members sign a motion calling for an SGM and duly forward it on to the Secretary of the Society.

20.   Notice of the SGM shall be submitted to the secretary and forwarded to the members one week before the SGM is convened.

21.   The business of an SGM shall be reserved for those matters detailed in said motion.

Schedule One-Conduct of Elections:

22.   Elections to the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Handicap Committee members shall take place at the society’s AGM.  Optional positions of Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary shall also be decided at the AGM.

23.   Nominations for the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Handicap Committee may be submitted in writing to the Secretary 2 weeks prior to the AGM or may orally be submitted at the AGM.  Nominations for the above-mentioned positions must include the names of the Proposer and the Second who must BOTH be Society members.

24.   Any nominated candidate shall receive one and only one nomination for any position. 

25.   In the event of multiple nominations, multiple votes shall be cast (openly or by secret ballots) until, by process of a run-off election, all positions are filled.

26.   In the event of a tie vote, the AGM chairman shall have the deciding vote.

Officers and Committees:

27.   The committee of the Society shall be made up of following:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, (Asst. Treasurer and Asst. Secretary are optional), and three Handicap Committee Members.

28.   These members shall be elected at the AGM.

29.   The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be five.

30.   The Committee shall meet on a bi-weekly basis for transactions of Regular Business of the Society.

31.   All issues before the Committee shall be decided by Majority Vote. In the event of a tie vote, the President shall have the Deciding Vote. New By-Laws shall be approved at the AGM.

32.   The Committee shall make or amend Regulations from time to time as it may deem necessary for conducting its meetings and may make By-Laws not inconsistent with the Ruled and as it deems necessary or desirable in the best interest of the Society.  New By-Laws shall be approved at the AGM.

33.   When a vacancy on the Committee occurs, nominations for the successor shall be called from the Society Membership.  Nominations shall be proposed and seconded by members.  The successor shall be selected by the committee from said nominations.

34.   The committee may appoint a sub-committee to carry out any special responsibility for any purpose it deems necessary or desirable in the best interest of the Society. 

35.   Any Officer or other committee member shall be deemed to have vacated his position as described in below Schedule Two.

Responsibilities of the Officers:

36.   The Vice President shall automatically become President of the Society the following year. 

37.   In the event of the President’s absence, the Vice President shall chair the Committee. 

38.   The Secretary shall fulfill the following responsibilities:

a.      Prepare and distribute notice of all meetings, tournaments, and other events.

b.      Answer all inquiries related to the society

c.       Execute any orders and/or resolutions determined by the committee, at the AGM, or at an SGM.

d.      Maintain a Roster of the names and contact information of the Society Members.

e.      File Pertinent Tax Forms with the Federal and State Authorities.

f.       Perform other work as instructed and as appropriate to the position of Secretary.

39.   The Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the Society and deposit as soon as possible to the credit of the Society bank account. 

40.   Members shall receive reasonable notice of all Society Tournaments and other Events via the Society Website that shall be maintained by the Secretary’s direct communication to Rob McGowan, who executes/manages all website changes. 

41.   All queries, complaints, issues, or discrepancies shall be addressed to the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Society.

Schedule Two – Disciplinary Matters

42.   The Society’s Committee shall consider and decide upon all matters of Discipline.

43.   The Society’s Committee may investigate any matter(s) involving a breach of Rules and Regulations, any matter(s) which might bring disrepute to the Society, and/or any matter(s) which the committee considers to be of such nature as to warrant investigation.

44.   An officer or other Committee member shall be deemed to have resigned his position if he fails to attend three consecutive Committee meetings, unless the committee member has explained his absences to the Committee and said explanation has been accepted.

45.   An office or other Committee member shall be deemed to have resigned his position if he submits to the Secretary his resignation in writing.

46.   Before any matter of discipline shall be considered, all Officers and Committee members involved in the matter shall be given seven (7) days’ notice of hearing of the dispute, the details of the matter to be investigated, and the names of the complainant involved (where relevant).

47.   Any member, non-member guest, and/or other guest involved in a disciplinary matter shall be entitled to attend the Committee’s biweekly meeting.  S/he must provide written correspondence before the meeting to at least one Committee member detailing the matter.    

Members and Membership:

48.   Verbal Application is required for each Member and requires renewal each year. Only renewal applications received after the cutoff date may be considered by the Committee Officers.

49.   New Member Fees are payable on Application.

50.   New and Renewal membership fees shall be payable on or before March 17th of the current calendar year.

51.   Each member, new and old, shall pay the membership fee specified unless waived by the President under special circumstances.

52.   Each member, both new and old, is required to participate in at least seven (7) tournaments in each playing season.  Any Member who feels as if he has a legitimate excuse for playing too few tournaments may appeal to the Officers of the Committee to have the ban lifted.  (Note:  Rainouts and/or cancellations by the Society will be counted as having been attended by those who have a confirmed tee time for that Tournament).

53.   Any member who misses three tournaments for which he has confirmed will incur a one-year ban with recourse listed above. 

54.   The Society, being a Gentlemen’s Society, expects its members to act and dress like gentlemen.  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, be it by or to any member of the Society or to others on or off the course.  Any member who acts improperly or who physically or verbally abuses any person (see listing below) will be instantly expelled from the Society without membership refund.  After the expulsion, an expelled member may appeal his case to the Committee after the expulsion.  A two-thirds majority of those members present and voting would be required for re-instatement.  The Committee may, at its discretion, impose game suspension(s) for any disciplinary matters.  This policy regards, but is not limited to, the following:

a.      Golf Course Staff and Bar/Restaurant Staff,

b.      Society members, non-member guests, and or other guests,

c.       Officers and Committee members, and

d.      Any member whose dress, words, or actions reflect poorly upon the Society.

55.   A dress code shall be strictly enforced.  Dress trousers or shorts and a collared golf shirt is required always.  No denim jeans of any color will be allowed in a society outing.  $50 fines will be enforced for each infraction.

Golf Tournament Types:

56.   The Society shall organize and exercise two types of Golf Tournaments: Regular and Major.

57.   Stableford scoring shall be kept at every tournament and tallied at the end of the year.

58.   Regular Tournaments, in which:

a.      If a tie for 1st place occurs in a regular tournament, 1st place shall be determined by the lowest score for the last nine holes played.  If a tie remains, 1st place shall be determined by the lowest score for the last nine, six, three, and one hole played, as needed.

b.      A new member is eligible to win 1st Place in his/her first regular tournament played.

59.   Major Tournaments (Masters, President’s Cup, Goal Post Open), in which:

a.      If a tie for first place occurs in a Major Tournament, there shall be a 3-hole playoff.   If after three holes, a tie remains in effect, a sudden death playoff shall ensue.

b.      Playoff holes shall be the first three holes played in the Major Tournament.

c.       A Referee shall be appointed by the President or presiding committee member.

d.      A renewal member is eligible to win 1st place in the first major tournament of the year (Masters) by having played in at least one regular tournament prior to the Major Tournament.

e.      A new member cannot win any Major tournament until they have played in at least five (5) Goal Post rounds for that year.  The best a new member can place in the first major is 2nd place.

f.       To be eligible to win the second Major tournament of the respective season, members must have played in at least four (4) tournaments, one of which can include said second Major tournament.

g.      To be eligible to win the third Major tournament of the respective season, members must have played in at least seven (7) tournaments, one of which can include said third Major tournament.

60.   An optional Match Play competition shall be started at the beginning of each season per the Committee.  The match play seeding shall be determined by blind draw, and all members will be eligible to win the top prize.

61.   AGM event shall be USA vs. Ireland Ryder Cup event.

Golf Tournament Rules and Regulations:

62.   The Committee may, at its discretion, impose a restriction on the number of participants in any Tournament or other Event.

63.   The Committee or any Officer(s) duly authorized shall allot pairings for all Tournaments.

64.   Non-member guests may play with members in Tournaments provided no member of the society is denied a place by the non-members participation.

65.   Rules and Regulations governing Tournaments shall be determined and exercised by the Committee, which shall consider and adjudicate on all matters regarding Rules and Regulations. 

66.   Each member is responsible for paying his/her own greens fee at each tournament before the tournament starts. 

67.   In the event of a “No Show” (i.e. member did not appear for a tournament to which he committed), the member must reimburse the Society a “No Show” $50 Fee before playing in another event.

68.   In the event of a “Late Show” (i.e. a member appears after his tee time but calls the golf course or starter), the member shall play at time and position determined by the starter for that day.   After the 18th hole, if approved by the golf course staff and Committee, the member may return to the holes they missed, provided a committee member accompanies them to ensure scorecard validation.

69.   Each member is responsible for ensuring his first and last names appear correctly on his scorecard. 

70.   Each member is responsible for double-checking the accuracy of his scorecard. A sample scorecard may be made available upon request to the Secretary.

71.   Each member shall keep his/her playing partner’s scorecard, which must include:

a.      Actual stroke count per Hole

b.      Handicap-adjusted score per hole

c.       Stableford points score (after adjustment)

d.      The totals for each of the above

72.   Each Scorecard requires the signature of BOTH the member and his playing partner.

73.   Failure to submit a correct scorecard will disqualify the member from that competition.

74.   If the scorecard shows a correct stroke score but an incorrect, greater Stableford score than which the player is entitled, the scorecard is disqualified.  If the scorecard shows a correct stroke score but an incorrect, lesser Stableford score than which the player is entitled, the player receives the Stableford score for which s/he signed.

75.   If a scorecard is disqualified, the corrected score nonetheless will be submitted for handicapping purposes.

76.   If a member is disqualified from a Doubles Tournament, the partner member is NOT automatically disqualified.

77.   If a member walks off the course during a tournament, a 2-stroke handicap penalty may be applied for the next outing he enters.  However, if the member has a legitimate reason for leaving play in progress, the Committee may waive the penalty using its discretion. 

78.   In the event of a tie in the Overall Point Standings, the prizes will be split (first and second place money will be combined in a 50/50 split).  In the event of a three-way tie, the total prize money will be split three ways, and so on.

79.   Members who intend to participate in the Presidents Cup Tournament must participate in BOTH rounds; however, a member may, in advance of the first round, opt to play in only one round of the Presidents Cup by advising the Committee of said option prior to the tee time confirmation for the first round.

80.   Also:

a.      U.S.G.A. Rules and Regulations with Society-based changes apply to all tournaments.

b.      The Society may make local rules for any tournament and/or on any golf course.

c.       All prize money shall be divided at the discretion of the Committee.

d.      Slow play will not be tolerated.  If a member has gone past the point of them being able to score a point on any hole, they must pick up their ball and forfeit the hole.  For each shot that is played after the point of their non-scoring ability, a one-shot penalty will be assessed. 

e.      Any rules discrepancies must be brought to the attention of a Committee member BEFORE leaving the course for the day. 

f.       If in the event of a rules confusion on the course, the member must play a provisional ball along with the ball in play through the hole’s completion.  His scoring partner will mark both ball’s scores on the card, and the rules committee will provide a ruling after the round’s completion. 

g.      For the Overall Points Standings, each member’s top 10 stableford scores will be used to calculate his total for the year.


81.   Eighteen holes must be played for all handicap adjustments.

82.   The Handicap Committee shall use the handicap rubric posted on the website for handicap adjustments.  However, the Committee shall also use its discretion in any handicap matters.

83.   The maximum handicap for any society member shall be 28.  For New Members, the maximum handicap to begin the year is 18.      

84.   Any new member can receive a handicap review after his fifth completed Society round at the discretion of the current Committee.  A revision shall be made at that time, if deemed necessary, by the Handicap Committee.

85.   All Society members have the right to request a handicap revision at any time by the current Handicap Committee.

Match Play Addendum (passed October 2017):

86.   If a member is unable to play his match on a Society-deemed Match Play Event day, he can play his opponent outside of the Society’s schedule.

87.   If both members are unable to play their match on a Society-deemed Match Play Event day and cannot attend, a coin flip shall occur by the President following Match Play Event day in plain sight of the Committee to determine the winner of the match in question.

88.   A match begins once a member tees off on the first hole of a Society-deemed Match Play Event day.

89.   A member may, at any time during a match, concede said match to his opponent.


90.   Effective January 1, 2017, “Belly Putters,” or putters that are anchored to the body, shall not be allowed during any Goal Post tournament.

91.   Effective April 9, 2016, a competitor may remove his ball from a divot, in his own fairway, but only after consultation and agreement with one of the competitors playing partners. If agreed, the player must not clean or otherwise alter the ball and must perform a “drop” within one club length of its original resting spot, no closer to the hole.

92.   Effective October 2017, no handicap adjustment will occur if a player is disqualified for any reason.  If a player does not complete a round for any reason but signs his/her scorecard, has it attested, and the correct Stableford points were accounted for, the player will be awarded said Stableford points for the event and, therefore, will not be disqualified.

93.   Effective October 2017, Standard Scratch for all Society events to be used for handicap purposes shall be 36 Stableford points.

94.   Effective October 2017, a blind draw shall be performed to select two-player teams for the Perryman Shield event at the time the tee sheet is created for team members to play together.

95.   Effective October 2017, a player shall not receive 0.1 back to their handicap if a Par 3 Closest to the Pin or if a Par 3 Birdie Pot is won.

96.   Effective October 2019, prizes will be awarded to competitors for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

97.   Effective October 2019, a footprint or unraked area in a sand hazard can be raked & rolled after discussing with a competitor’s playing group or match play opponent.

98.   Effective October 2019, MAXIMUM handicap adjustments to those who win a tournament shall be as follows:


1st Place:

a.      Handicap 0-9: 1.0 stroke

b.      Handicap 10-19: 1.5 strokes

c.       Handicap 20+: 2.0 strokes

d.      Majors: additional 10%


2nd Place:

a.      Handicap 0-9: 0.5 strokes

b.      Handicap 10-19: 0.8 strokes

c.       Handicap 20+: 1.0 stroke

d.      Majors: additional 10%


3rd Place:

a.      Handicap 0-9: 0.3 stroke

b.      Handicap 10-19: 0.4 strokes

c.       Handicap 20+: 0.5 strokes

d.      Majors: additional 10%


*Last revised May 2020