Welcome to Goal Post Golf Society    

April 3, 2021

The Links of Carillon

21200 W. South Carillon Drive

Plainfield, IL 60544

(815) 886-2332



Welcome to the 2021 Goal Post Golf Society Season!

Welcome returning members and a SPECIAL welcome to all new members!  We have a total of 22 new and/or returning members this year that we did not have last year.  Returning members: please assist new members with Goal Post rules, scoring, and PACE OF PLAY (though some of the returning members could use a refresher as well).

All players will play from the BLUE TEES — unless GPGS Committee Changes this based on Course Condition before 1st Group goes off.  We will be playing the RED-WHITE tee combo.

Unless otherwise directed, choose the tee box that is second from the back.

MATCH PLAY QUALIFYING ROUND 1 (best 3 out of 5 rounds to qualify)


1)     This is a Stableford scoring event; as such, score cards should reflect your Gross, Net, and Stableford Points (see sample card attached).  Stableford points should be totaled on your card prior to signing and handing in.

Stableford Scoring:

               Net eagle – 4 pts

               Net birdie – 3 pts

               Net par – 2 pts

               Net bogey – 1 pt

               Net dbl. bogey or higher – 0 pts


2)     All fescue areas not otherwise marked by the course shall be played as a red hazard with a one-stroke penalty, two club lengths from the nearest point of entry if ball not found.  PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SEARCH TIME TO THREE (3) MINUTES.

3)     All players MUST exchange scorecards with another member of your group and keep track of your GROSS SCORE, NET SCORE, and STABLEFORD points.

4)     Score cards turned in with ONLY stableford points only hurts the player doing so.  A proper handicap cannot be calculated without the Gross scoring.


-PLEASE, if you plan to participate in birdies and par 3’s, pay your fee to the starter prior to teeing off. If you can’t find the starter, ask someone. Once teed off, you cannot participate.

-Scorecards must be signed and attested, then turned in to the locked wooden box.


-Slow play will NOT be tolerated; it is your job to maintain pace of play. 

-Birdies on the Par 3’s, $10 split the pot.  Hole in One takes the entire pot.  Write your birdies on the pad provided.  

-Remember to highlight any gross birdies on the scoring poster for any par 3’s, or you will not be paid.

-Any rulings or discrepancies MUST be brought to a committee member BEFORE you leave the course.

-There will be closest to the pin competitions on all par 3 holes. 

-Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your tee time.  If you miss it, you must catch up to your foursome on the course…you will NOT be moved to a later group and you will receive no points for holes missed.

-Cell phones MUST be put to silent and may not be used during play unless for GPS purposes. 

-We will play in all weather, unless the course is officially closed.  If you commit to play on Tuesday, and do not show, you will be fined $50 and you will not be eligible to play until that fine is paid.

-No denim jeans will be allowed at any Goal Post Outing.  Please always wear proper golf attire.

-All putts must be holed out, no gimmies. 


EXAMPLE:  Player is a 16 handicap. On hole 1, 15-handicap hole, Player shoots a gross 5 (bogey). With his handicap, that is a net 4. The hole is a Par 4, so 2 Stableford points are earned.